Can a US employee resign without notice?

Yes, a US worker can resign without notice. That’s because most US workers perform their roles ‘at will’ rather than via an employment contract, and therefore do not need to give notice if they want to resign. This cuts both ways: US employers can fire a US worker without notice too.

US workers can resign without notice. That’s because, unlike the working environment in the UK, most US employees perform their role ‘at will’ rather than via an employment contract.

Due to the fact that employment is ‘at will’, there is no requirement that a US worker gives notice before they resign. However, in practice, it’s likely that US workers will notify their employers well in advance of leaving their position.

Similarly, US employers can terminate a role without notice if they wish too, meaning that both parties are on a very equal footing. The only time a US employer cannot terminate a role is if doing so constitutes a violation of a protected class.

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