Miruna Eliza Ionescu

Multilingual marketing professional with more than ten years of experience in traditional and digital marketing for B2B and B2C sectors. Miruna has an extensive background in building customer engagement and ensuring that clients have the best tools and information in hand.

The Ultimate Guide to Non-Mandatory Employee Benefits in USA

Non-mandatory benefits are employee perks that aren't required by the US law. Find out more about them & why businesses offer these benefits.
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The future of employee performance reviews

How to create a fail-proof performance management review process at your organisation that fosters continuous feedback and sets up employees for success.

Four reasons why you should consider implementing a mentoring program at your company and how to do it

Workplace mentoring is currently one of the most powerful tools for employee development and engagement, with over 84% of US Fortune 500 companies presently adopting them.
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How and When Foreign Companies Should Set Up a US Subsidiary

Find out all the factors you need to consider to determine whether you should set up a US subsidiary and discover how to do it.
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Understanding Generation Z in the workplace

Discover what makes Gen Z unique, what they value and expect from their employer and how to manage them in the workplace effectively.
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What is the Real Cost of Hiring US Employees for Non-US Companies?

Find out the real US employment costs so you can confidently tick this box on your overall US expansion budget.
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How to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace

Find out why having a diverse and inclusive workforce is important and learn about different DEI initiatives that you can start implementing today.
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Seven signs your business is ready for international expansion

Are you considering expanding your company internationally but are unsure whether your business is ready? Find out the seven signs that tell you if your business is equipped to take off to new horizons.

Five Tips for Business Networking in America

An extensive network is essential when establishing your business in the US. Our tips for business networking in America will help create lasting relationships.

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