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Health Insurance: what US employees expect, why US employers benefit, and how to make it easy if you’re growing a business in the USA

29/07/2016 | Posted by:

If you’re looking to employ a worker in the US then providing health insurance can benefit both you and your employee — but there are also pitfalls to avoid. US employees have high expectations when it comes to health cover. Although you’re not legally required to provide it, employees generally expect to receive it — especially...
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How does sick leave work in the USA?

18/07/2016 | Posted by:

The rules about time off for sickness in the USA are not like those in most other countries. If you’re looking to hire a worker in the USA then it’s worth understanding the picture. America is unusual in having very little regulation of paid or unpaid sick leave at a national level. The main Federal...
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The US advantage: Why every European biotech company should aim for a presence in the USA

01/07/2016 | Posted by:

The United States’ biotech sector is by far the world’s largest. It’s a global success story that continues to grow, and for European biotech companies it represents a compelling opportunity. America has the wealthiest, most dynamic biotech industry in the world. It dwarfs European biotech and in recent years has significantly outpaced it in growth....
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