The easy way to get a US phone number — and why it matters

11/05/2016 | Posted by:

Get a US phone number

One big advantage of hiring a US employee is that it gives your company a US phone number — and that puts you just a call away from US customers during their business hours.


Phone contact between Europe and the US can be awkward. America is split into four separate time zones and, while the East Coast is only five hours behind the UK, the West is eight hours behind. That can make it hard to stay in touch during normal business hours, with employees working through the night to reach customers across the Atlantic during the day.

It can also be costly and cumbersome to set up international plans for your employees and many cell phone plans don’t allow international calls.

Hiring a US employee with a US phone line solves the problem, giving you the flexibility to contact customers whenever you want, while keeping your company just a call away at all times. It gives your customers peace of mind while making your company more attractive, by demonstrating your commitment to the US market.

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