Winning the talent race: how to make sure you get the best US employees for the job

Securing talent is an absolute priority for fast-growing companies, but it takes time and effort to gain US employees with those rare skills. The market for such workers is highly competitive, particularly in the life sciences sector, and if you’re a small company looking to establish in the US, the hurdles can seem endless. Here is what happened when we took the hurdles away for one Belgian company…

The dilemma: tapping into the unknown

The dilemma: tapping into the unknown

A small Belgian health-technology products company was growing fast, developing and manufacturing molecular diagnostic kits. It was selling products throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, but it knew tapping the USA market offered huge potential to boost sales. The challenge was how to negotiate all the bureaucracy that comes with hiring a US employee. The company didn’t want the trouble and expense of forming a US entity and didn’t have time or resources to go into the minutiae of pay scales, employment law and other factors.

Our solution: dealing with the detail

Our solution: dealing with the detail

Foothold America helped Multiplicom hire its first US employee — Director of US Business Development — within three weeks of being contacted. We:

  • advised on an appropriate salary and benefits
  • drafted an offer letter based on the precise requirements
  • managed all logistical concerns
  • simplified the process of setting up a US phone number and obtaining a laptop in the US
The outcome: a quick and affordable entry to the world’s biggest market

The outcome: a quick and affordable entry to the world’s biggest market

By guiding the company through the details of the hiring process we opened up the benefits of a US presence without the effort and expense of setting up a US entity. Now, with a US business development director, the company is able to reap the benefits of the most valuable healthcare market in the world.

The client said:

“We needed to access the US market to maximize our potential for growth. We selected our employee and Foothold America managed the payroll, benefits, taxes and other employment logistics, enabling us to avoid dealing with the bureaucratic maze of employing someone in the US.”

How to boost productivity in a small business

  • set deadlines: you don’t want employees feeling under the cosh too often, but you also want to make sure they know when work needs to be completed. Get in the habit of giving everything a deadline.
  • simplify logistics: depending on your business, productivity can often be boosted by investment in state-of-the-art machinery. If you don’t yet have the funds, adjusting your supply chain can bring improvements.
  • stay flexible: there’s still a mental block for many companies when it comes to allowing employees flexible working, but it can be a great way to improve productivity
  • don’t skimp on training: making sure you have managers at all levels within your firm who have interpersonal skills will have many positive effects

We can help you identify, attract and recruit the talent you need to grow your business in the USA.

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