A better way to get face-to-face with your US clients

There’s no substitute for being there in the room with a client – especially if your products are complex. We’re enabling one UK-based software company to stay close to its US clients and grow a US presence, without the usual cost and headache involved in hiring a US worker.

The dilemma: maintaining relationships at a distance

The dilemma: maintaining relationships at a distance

This is a UK-based software company that develops software for the pharmaceutical industry. With a growing US client base, the UK team is making more and more transatlantic flights to manage sales and help clients to get the most from the software. It needs a long-term answer a cost-effective way of establishing a permanent presence in the USA.

Our solution: a permanent US presence

Our solution: a permanent US presence

By hiring a US employee on the company’s behalf we’re enabling it to maintain and build relationships for its growing client base in the US. Our service has included:

  • explaining US employment law and securing a US mailing address
  • advising on interview questions and employing the chosen candidate, including offer letter and disclosure agreements
  • setting the salary, managing payroll and benefits, and advising on employee options
The outcome: more business, fewer air miles

The outcome: more business, fewer air miles

Being permanently present and available for clients in the US has quickly opened up opportunities. The company now has a dedicated US employee to focus on growth in America, backed by Alacrita’s network of industry-leading contacts. Meanwhile the UK team has more time to focus on the European market.

Business meetings in the USA: what to expect

  • Business first - while appearing relaxed, meetings are taken seriously, with the emphasis on closing an agreement rather than building relationships.
  • Punctuality - Americans arrive on time and expect the same of you, particularly in the Northeast and Midwest.
  • Structure - if there’s an agenda, expect it to be followed, with clear decisions and actions agreed at the end.
  • Pace - time counts and business is conducted rapidly, with oral agreement often reached at the first meeting.

Could your company benefit from employing a worker or creating a company in the USA? We’d love to hear from you.

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