How to carry on working for your European company in the USA

Can you move to the USA and keep your job, even if your company doesn’t have a US presence? Setting up a US subsidiary is a big deal – but there’s an easy way to establish a company in the USA. Find out how we helped one UK biotech firm…


The dilemma: break-up or burden

The dilemma: break-up or burden

A senior scientist at UK company Ex Scientia was about to marry a US citizen and move to the USA. This was a core member of the team, whose drug discovery expertise was vital to the company’s work in developing new medicines. The choice appeared stark: say goodbye to key talent or face the legal and administrative nightmare of creating a US company as a new legal entity to employ him.

Our solution: win-win

Our solution: win-win

We enabled Ex Scientia to create a US presence without a subsidiary — by employing the worker in the USA on Ex Scientia’s behalf. We:

  • worked out a US pay and benefits package in line with the employee’s compensation in the UK
  • handled the logistics, including payroll, tax and end benefits
  • created an offer letter that covered all Ex Scientia’s specified terms of employment
  • explained the US benefit and healthcare options

We communicated at every step so that both Ex Scientia and the employee were clear and happy about the new arrangements. And using Alacrita’s network, we helped the employee quickly get established, oriented and connected with his new business community.

The outcome: a new beginning

The outcome: a new beginning

Ex Scientia established a US presence and could carry on hiring a key team member as a US employee. We made it a smooth transition, removing the cost, complexity and headache normally associated with creating a US company. Now, with the support of Alacrita’s contacts and expertise, both employer and employee can focus on growing their business in the USA.

Five things you should know about living in the USA:

  • It’s a huge country - it can be hard adjusting to the scale of the USA. Just travelling to the next city could take hours, and most Americans think nothing of doing a day’s drive.
  • Prepare for extreme weather - a continental climate can mean real extremes, with exhaustingly hot summers and icy winters.
  • Expect bureaucracy - the US may be fast moving and straight talking, but there’s still a lot of paperwork to go with daily life.
  • Don’t bother with coins - beyond casinos and Laundromats, coins are widely shunned as an inconvenience. Pay with a card.
  • Skip the trains - American trains are clean and pleasant but rarely the most efficient way to get across the country.

Source: Ruth Margolis, Anglophenia, BBC America

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