How to show you mean business in the USA

Once you’re established in the USA the rewards can be great. But first you’ve got to get your company noticed and show you’re serious – which means being physically present. This is how we’ve helped a French biopharma company do it…

The dilemma: how to make an impact - efficiently

The dilemma: how to make an impact - efficiently

This biopharmaceutical company is based in Lyon, France. It’s dynamic and growing, with sights set on a NASDAQ listing. But how does a European company without a US presence make its mark on the US market, while avoiding the expensive nightmare of creating a US subsidiary?

Our solution: boots on the ground

Our solution: boots on the ground

We’ve made it easy for the company to engage a senior business development executive in the USA, by hiring him on its behalf. Within five weeks we completed the entire process, which included:

  • guidance on salary, interview and benefits package
  • creating an offer letter; hiring, on-boarding, payroll and health insurance
  • tracking business expenses and managing reimbursement
The outcome: a strong foothold

The outcome: a strong foothold

The company now has a permanent, senior US presence in Boston – a leading centre for life science and pharmaceutical investment. That means it can focus on US business objectives rather than devoting time and resources to setting up a US entity. And on the strength of this success the company is using our service to hire another US employee.

Business development in the USA - choosing the right employee to take your company to the next level:

  • Hire the right person at the right time. Find someone whose skills and experience are right for the stage your company’s stage of development. For example, it’s easy to go too early in hiring a ‘deal-maker’.
  • Don’t confuse business development and sales. Sales focuses exclusively on driving revenue. Business development is about building partnerships that grow your capacity for driving revenue or distribution, or enhance your product.
  • Get legal counsel. Make sure you have a legal agreement that includes commercial terms as well as covering what happens if things don’t work out.

Source: Eric Grafstrom, open forum

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