Worth rethinking? How we’re reviving the prospect of a US presence for businesses

Foothold America is prompting companies to take a fresh look at the USA. Here’s how we helped one company that had previously decided against having a US presence.

The dilemma: being in the USA is too expensive

The dilemma: being in the USA is too expensive

The company in question is UK based and a global leader in the design and manufacture of medical equipment for patient mobility. The company had previously established a US presence with three employees, but the costs of maintaining a subsidiary made it unprofitable and the company shifted to a distributor model. It soon became clear however that there could be no substitute for ‘boots on the ground’. The challenge was in finding a cost-effective approach.

Our solution: hiring without a subsidiary

Our solution: hiring without a subsidiary

We helped the company hire two US sales managers by:

  • building a competitive salary and benefits package in line with the job market
  • filtering resumes and cover letters from candidates before holding interviews at our offices in Boston, MA
  • completing the entire hiring process in less than three months.
The outcome: a platform for success

The outcome: a platform for success

Foothold America helped the company find and employ two North American sales managers without incurring the costs of setting up a physical presence. This agile solution allowed the company to reap the benefits of a direct US salesforce without funding a physical US expansion. Instead, the company paid Foothold America a reasonable monthly fee, allowing the company to concentrate on winning US business without being burdened by the prohibitive costs of forming a US office.

The strategy paid off and the company decided to form a US corporation, retaining Foothold America to manage its employees.

Checklist: key steps to successful expansion in the USA:

    • Assess the situation: how big is the marketplace? How do you reach potential customers? Can you replicate your initial successes
    • Build your team: success depends on recruiting the right people to execute your company’s vision.
    • Expand your customer base: convert the early adaptors, analyse and replicate your successes, and above all make sure your customers will want to share how great your business is with others.

Source: Richard B Hollis, The Huffington Post

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