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Dedicated HR Support vs. Ticket Delays

Foothold America provides a dedicated HR manager for your US team, ensuring fast and reliable support whenever you need it. Remote.com uses a ticketing system, which can lead to delays in resolving urgent matters like terminations or off-cycle payroll. Don’t settle for generic responses and frustrating delays. Choose Foothold America and experience the difference of human-centered customer service that gets things done.

Customer Support

Foothold America


30-day welcome & orientation program

Dedicated HR Manager

Human support for every query

Human live chat assistance

Average response time

3 hours

48 hours

Unmatched US Compliance vs. Risky Shortcuts

Backed by years of US compliance expertise and a team of in-house US specialists, we ensure your team stays compliant across all 50 states. In contrast, public documentation reveals that Remote.com may compromise compliance standards to offer lower prices, putting their clients and their teams at risk.


Foothold America


Bulletproof compliance throughout the employment cycle

No record of misclassification and compliance issues

Publicly documented Issues with misclassification and compliance.

US Expertise vs Global Knowledge

Foothold America is laser-focused on the intricacies of US hiring and employment regulations. With deep experience navigating the nuances of US HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance, we ensure a smooth and compliant experience for your US team. While Remote.com offers a global presence, their resources are spread thin across numerous countries. This can lead to a less comprehensive understanding of specific US requirements, potentially causing delays or errors in your US expansion.

International Expertise

Foothold America


Understands how US payroll/employment taxes differ from UK, EU, AUS, NZ, CAN, etc.

Understands how US HR/employment regulations differ from UK, EU, AUS, NZ, CAN, etc.

Understands how US benefits/employee expectations differ from UK, EU, AUS, NZ, CAN, etc.

Knows the typical knowledge gaps between US and non-US HR professionals

Knows the typical knowledge gaps between US and non-US payroll providers

Knows the typical knowledge gaps between US and non-US benefits providers

Has consultants in or near client time zones, alters meeting times to meet with clients in time zones far from the US

Local Knowledge Hub vs. One-Size-Fits-All

Foothold America doesn’t just handle paperwork, we become your trusted advisor. Our team boasts deep local knowledge, offering guidance on talent acquisition across the US. We’ll help you identify the ideal locations to attract top talent based on your industry needs and company culture. We’ll also provide insights into competitive compensation packages specific to your industry and desired locations & more. This localized expertise sets Foothold America apart from global providers like Remote.com. While they offer a broader service, their focus may not translate to the in-depth knowledge you need for a successful US expansion.

Local Knowledge:

Foothold America


Advises on locations for talent

Advises on salaries

Advises on industry hubs

Advises on challenging employment states

Advises on US hiring negotiations

Advises the best local insurance carriers

Advises on challenging insurance states

Full-Spectrum HR Support vs. Basic Assistance

Foothold America goes beyond the basics of HR support. We don’t just handle routine tasks; we act as your dedicated HR partner, guiding you through the complexities of US employment law. Our services encompass a wide range of HR needs, including HR Policy Development, Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) Consultations, Guidance on challenging HR employment situations & more.

While Remote.com might offer general HR guidance, their support appears tiered. Features like in-depth consultations, navigating complex situations, and even Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) support seem reserved for their higher-paying “Enterprise” customers only. This leaves smaller businesses potentially vulnerable during critical HR moments when such specialized assistance is crucial.


Foothold America


HR policy development

HR guidance - General

HR consultation - Detailed

Recommend statutory training programs

Monitor compliance of statutory training programs

PIP consultation and support

Guides you with challenging HR employment situations

Only available to Enterprise customers

Streamlined Benefits Management vs. Disconnected Support

Foothold America goes beyond offering basic benefit plans. We become your dedicated partner, streamlining the entire process and eliminating the complexity often associated with employee benefits. Our team of in-house experts boasts direct access to major carriers. We’ll not only consult with your 401(k) administrator but also make personalized benefit contribution recommendations tailored to your specific needs. This ensures a comprehensive and compliant plan that empowers your US team with the right benefits package. In contrast, Remote.com’s approach to employee benefits appears less integrated. Their services may not include dedicated contacts, in-house expertise, or personalized recommendations. This could leave you managing multiple relationships and navigating complex insurance issues on your own, which can be a significant burden.


Foothold America


Consults with 401k administrator on your behalf

Primary benefits contact for employees

Primary carrier contact for clients

Makes benefit contribution recommendations

Provides in-house licensed agents with direct access to carriers