How do I employ staff overseas?

If you want to employ staff in the US but are a business based outside of the USA, you can research, interview and hire employees remotely using remote technology and overseas recruitment agencies. Alternatively, cut costs and time delays by using our services here at Foothold America; we do the hiring and managing for you so that you have US employees working for your company, under our name.

If you’re thinking of expanding into the US, you’ll need US workers on the ground. This will enable them to run the US arm of your business, pursue leads and talk to your customers. However, in order to this, you’ll need to:

  • set up a subsidiary company so that you can hire employees
  • obtain a Federal Tax ID Number

Only then can you look for, interview and hire employees. You may need to do this remotely, paying agencies to help you. Or, you could use technology such as Skype and LinkedIn to make the process possible.

Alternatively, you could skip this completely and use our services here at Foothold America. We can find, hire and manage the right US workers for you, so you can explore the US market without all the expense and delay other businesses experience.

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