Can I employ US workers on a part time basis?

Yes. If you are a company based in the UK and would like to hire US staff to work for you in America, you can appoint them on a part time basis. Foothold America can help you to do this in a way that is quick and cost-effective .

If you are thinking of expanding your UK based business to America, you can hire a US employee to work for you in the USA on a part time basis.

In order to make this possible, you could create a subsidiary company before hiring a worker yourself, or you could even set up a branch office and see if you can find someone who is willing to work for your part-time (however, we would advise against this).

Instead, Foothold America can find a US worker to work on a part time basis on your behalf. We will hire them and handle all of the HR logistics too. This enables businesses to test the water in America without investing too much in a US worker’s appointment, salary or other costs associated with hiring staff overseas.

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