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How long is the US maternity leave for employees?

There is no obligation for US employers to give paid maternity or parental leave to their workers. Instead, maternity leave is a matter left to each employer to decide upon. It’s treated as a form of benefit, so the duration and conditions of maternity leave vary from business to business and state to state.

However, the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requires that US employers (with 50 or more employees) to allow mothers and fathers to take unpaid time off (up to 12 weeks) for the purpose of pregnancy or child-rearing. They must hold the worker’s job and health insurance in place. There is no requirement to provide pay.

Many states are more generous than federal law dictates. For example, the District of Columbia reduced the FMLA threshold of 50 employees down to ten employees, and some have extended the length of time away from the workplace beyond 12 weeks. Find out more about the Family Medical Leave act and State Paid Family and Medical Leave by reading our article here.


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