What happens if I want to withdraw from the US market but I have a contract with Foothold America?

Foothold America offers you a simple and affordable way to test the waters of the US market. We know that business priorities can change quickly, and we are able to support you in both your entry to and exit from the US market.

If you want to withdraw from the US market but have a contract with us at Foothold America, you will not find it a hindrance. Your contract with Foothold America only requires that you give two week’s notice to end our working relationship with one another.

Foothold America provides a way to test your business in the US without making the commitment of forming a legal entity in the US. We understand that things can quickly change in business, so we make it easy for you to exit the US if your business goals change. We will support your exit from the US market if you would like us to.

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