We’re ideally placed to help non-US companies employ a worker in the USA

Foothold America has grown out of our own experience of setting up companies in the USA from overseas. Creating a US subsidiary for our British parent company Alacrita led us to develop a detailed knowledge of the legal and administrative maze that opens up for companies looking to employ workers in the United States.

Foothold America gives you the benefit of this knowledge, with the resources and connections we’ve built in the USA. The outcome is a highly compelling alternative for any company looking to establish and grow in the USA.

Our Team

Rob Johnson

Rob Johnson

  • British citizen living in Boston, MA since 2012
  • co-founder of Foothold America and Alacrita Consulting
  • degree in Molecular Cell Biology from the University of Nottingham, UK
  • 10 years with Onyvax developing cancer immunotherapies
  • life sciences board member of the British American Business Council of New England and Steering Committee member of the Boston Biotech Brits

and… likes to swim in Walden Pond

Rob says:

"When we founded Alacrita in 2009 it was clear that we needed a presence in the USA and that Boston, MA was the ideal destination. I relocated to the USA with my family in 2012, in order to build Alacrita’s presence in the US. It’s been an incredible experience and, through Foothold America, I’m excited to be able to share the opportunity with other companies looking to grow in the USA."

Colin Miller

Colin Miller

  • British citizen, emigrated to Madison, Wisconsin in 1994 to start a new company; relocated to Philadelphia, PA in 1999 and naturalised a few years later
  • more than 25 years’ experience working in pharmaceutical, device and biopharmaceutical services organisations
  • impressive record of building life science businesses in the United States
  • 16 years at BioClinica, as VP of Business Development, then Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs, and for five years an officer of the company, while publically held on the NASDAQ
  • BSc (hons) from Sheffield University, UK; Ph.D. from Hull University, UK; Fellow of Institute of Clinical Research and also Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine; Chartered Scientist

and… flies single-engine planes

Colin says:

"Making the transition to working in America was much harder than my family and I anticipated. Yet it has been incredibly fulfilling, and we’ve now firmly established ourselves in the US. Life sciences business opportunities in the USA are second to none, but it would be extremely difficult to develop or grow a business in the USA without ‘feet on the ground’. Foothold America provides an ideal bridgehead for starting business operations in the United States and I am personally pleased to support companies in this endeavor. Philadelphia (the birthplace of this nation) is the second fastest growing biotech centre in the US, allowing us to offer a wider footprint to help organisations outside the USA become established."

Anthony Walker

Anthony Walker

  • British citizen living in London, UK
  • co-founder of Alacrita Consulting
  • European point of contact for Foothold America
  • more than 16 years as a management consultant to the pharma and biotechnology industries
  • CEO of Onyvax, an immune-oncology company he co-founded in 1997
  • Honours degree in Natural Sciences and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge; Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology

and… enjoys drinking tea

Anthony says:

"Establishing an office in Boston transformed Alacrita. Having a physical presence at the world’s epicentre of biotechnology has enabled us to recruit world-class talent, develop new relationships and broaden our services to existing clients. I believe that for most life science companies the US is a strategically important market, and I’m delighted we’re able to help other companies easily take advantage of the opportunities that are available by having a physical presence in the US market."

Kerry Noonan

Kerry Noonan

  • Lifelong Bostonian
  • Biology degree from Boston College in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
  • two years in clinical research in oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital
  • two years of research in nutritional epidemiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital

and… trains for marathons along the Charles River in Boston

Kerry says:

"I have lived in Boston my whole life and I’m excited to show you how expanding into the US market can transform your business. Boston and the US are the centre of biotech innovation and I look forward to helping companies become a part of this exciting community."

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