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Expand your business to the USA

Your business could reach its full potential by expanding to the United States. Simplify your expansion with an internationally recognised partner providing end-to-end solutions that help your business expand, hire and manage employees in the USA.

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Invest in your business with Foothold America

Reduce tax complications

There’s no avoiding tax, but with purposeful planning you can forgo filing complex returns in multiple states.

Save up to 50% on expansion costs

We efficiently handle your payroll, employee benefits, HR duties, and more. This can lead to significant savings compared to DIY or other providers.

Cut legal expenses

Lawyers are expensive and not always needed. Let’s discuss the best approach for your business.


Dedicated HR manager

You have a dedicated HR & Client Services Manager who makes you aware of common pitfalls and ensures that you stay consistently compliant in any state where you do business.

Ensure a compliant US workplace

The US can seem like 50 countries in one – each with its own rules on hiring, firing and structuring compensation packages. We help you stay within the rules by being your extended HR team.

Offer attractive employee benefits

We help you create a comprehensive benefits package so you can hire and retain top talent.

Only the best for you and your team

At Foothold America, we offer top-notch service for you and your team. Our core services include:


Employer of Record Service (EOR)

Our Employer of Record Service offers a turn-key, cost-effective solution for your company to have a legitimate US presence with US employees anywhere in the country in as little as one week without the cost and complexity of setting up a US entity.


People Partnership Service (PPS)

We’ve created our People Partnership Service (PPS) to help you navigate the process of setting up your US entity, becoming the Employer of Record (the direct employer), onboarding US employees, and managing the complex operational and HR processes of doing business in America.

Exclusive Talent Acquisition (ETA)

Businesses around the world partner with Foothold America and save thousands of dollars on their US hiring costs. With our ETA service, you can find and hire the best employees compliantly and competitively. We make it easy and affordable for you to hire the right candidate at the right time and at the right cost. 

Combined Shape

Entity Setup

Establishing a legal entity in the US brings enormous potential for growth—and a unique set of challenges and complications. Partnering with Foothold America for your US entity setup ensures smooth and compliant registration in your chosen state – all whilst cutting through layers of bureaucracy and giving your company the freedom to concentrate on its larger business objectives.


Why invest in the USA?

To put it simply, investing in the USA provides an amazing opportunity to grow revenue. With a GDP of over $20 trillion, the United States offers a huge opportunity for companies looking to expand internationally.

Combining top talent, unparalleled market access, and unbeatable opportunities, the USA abounds with growth opportunities for global investors.

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Sometimes numbers speak louder than words

#1 Global Economy
with the world’s reserve currency


#1 Unicorns Start-upswith 65% of the world’s billion-dollar start-ups

#1 Education Rankings

with talent from the world’s top universities

#1 Tech Industry

with 36% of global tech market share


Custom-made solutions to move your business forward

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Employer of Record Service


People Partnership Service

*requires a US entity

Entity Setup

US Entity Setup



Low upfront cost

Testing the US market

Hire quickly

Employ US staff directly

Plan to hire >5 employees in year one

Need a US bricks & mortar bank account

Minimize administration, cost and complexity

Send non-US employees to work & reside in the US

Quick & easy to exit the US market

Dedicated account manager

Be the employer of record

Facilitate importation of tangible products in the US

Obtain a US business address

Avoid obligations to file US employer taxes

Obtain a US phone number

Sign a long-term office lease

Need to raise US capital

Have an extended HR team who takes care
of onboarding, pay and benefits

Compliance and risk management

Why choose to grow your business with Foothold America?

Expanding into a new global market is a complex multifaceted process.
It’s important to choose a partner you can trust.

Quick market entry
Quick market entry
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We leverage our years of experience and provider relationships to quickly and efficiently register your company, get your EIN, hire workers on your behalf, or implement payroll and benefits.
Premium support
Premium support
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The success of your business is important to us and is, in fact, our Number 1 corporate value. We have teams in the US, UK and Europe at the ready to assist you.
Remain flexible
Remain flexible
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Our solutions support you from market entry through maturity at your pace, meeting your needs as they change. Whether turn-key or bespoke, we are focused on the best solution for you.

US business expansion in action

We offer world-class service, backed by years of experience. We’re proud to have assisted in the expansion of hundreds of businesses across numerous industry sectors as they have laid foundations in states across the USA and experienced extraordinary business growth.

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Life Sciences & Pharma

expand your business to the US

Financial Services

expand your business to the US

Technology & Engineering

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Media & Advertising

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Explore our eBook library

How would you like access to a library of eBooks written by industry experts and filled with information covering various areas of US business expansion? It’s yours here at Foothold America, and it includes some of the best quality guides needed to expand your business to the USA. From a guide on setting up a US entity to a guide on hiring US workers, we’ve got it all!

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We're real people. Not just platforms.

Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to help you navigate the legal and administrative maze of doing business in the US.


Since 2015, thousands of businesses have put their trust in Foothold America.

10 days ago
10 days ago
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"Foothold America was able to get things done for us very quickly. They made life easier for us and worked with us to make sure staff were looked after and that we were able to get up and running."

Operations Manager, UK Network Security Company
1 year ago
1 year ago
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"We needed to access the US market to maximize our potential for growth. We selected our employee and Foothold America managed the payroll and payroll taxes, benefits, taxes and other employee logistics, enabling us to avoid dealing with the bureaucratic maze of employing someone in the US."

CEO, Belgium Manufacturing Company
2 months ago
2 months ago
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"Foothold America was instrumental in helping my UK company employ field applications sales people in the US without having to set up a US subsidiary, which is the usual route for foreign companies. Foothold America facilitated this by employing the people we had chosen and handling all the employment, terms, salaries, taxes, social costs etc. They then billed us monthly for these costs plus a reasonable service charge. As a result, we were able get going very quickly with our own people in the USA and at a much lower cost base."

CEO, UK Biotech Company
7 months ago
7 months ago
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"I couldn’t manage our US subsidiary without Foothold America. Our small HR department isn’t equipped with the knowledge or staff to handle our US employees. I could end my workday in the UK knowing Foothold America would take care of everything in the US."

Head of HR, UK financial services firm
9 months ago
9 months ago
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"We currently use Foothold America's Employer of Record Service and plan to move to their People Partnership Service when we set up an entity in the coming months. It’s great knowing we can work with one partner through various stages of our growth."

CMO, Norway IT company
2 years ago
2 years ago
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"We started US expansion on our own and soon after, we stumbled over employee benefits leaving our expat staff and families without healthcare insurance. It was a huge risk for them and our company. Foothold America came in and got us sorted. They’ve been taking care of us ever since."

Sr. People Partner, UK software company


Get answers to all your questions and take the first step towards a US business expansion.

At Foothold America, we have a great deal of experience exploring the US market as an international business: we’ve done it ourselves.

The support we can offer you is dependent on your business needs. Whether you would need help with hiring US employees without having to set up a US subsidiary (via our Employer of Record Service), or you would require help with setting up and managing your new US entity (via our People Partnership Service), we will take care of your US employees whilst you will focus your attention and resources in growing your USA business. 

If you decide to expand in the US via our Employer of Record Service, you can have boots on the ground within a week from your candidate signing the offer letter. This is the quickest route of starting to trade in the USA. If your business requires a US entity, you can start trading as soon as you are registered and obtain your EIN.  Find out more about our US entity service here. 

As part of the process, we work with you to determine what services you need, and then we coordinate all aspects of the employment relationship. If you decide not to set up your own US entity and are opting for our Employer of Record Service, we will hire US workers to provide services to you, and the US employees will sign an offer letter with Foothold America. As ‘at will’ employment is standard in the US, the US employees will sign the offer letter rather than a contract. Our offer letter will detail the terms of employment, including salary, benefits, and paid time off.  

If you would like the US employees to sign a contract directly with your business, you will want a US entity. Foothold America can also help you with the process of establishing your US entity and managing your employees via our People Partnership Service

Yes. Whether you opt in for our Employer of Record Service, People Partnership Service or our US Entity Service, you will have a dedicated HR and Client Service representative as your extended HR department, who will manage the complex operational and HR processes of doing business in America.  

The amount of money a US workers’ healthcare coverage will cost your business largely depends on your chosen solution.  

However, to allow you to draw up some provisional calculations, expect to factor in an additional $13.000 – $20.000, on top of your workers’ salaries. This amount can differ based on factors such as the industry and the difficulty of finding talent, and would cover health care, taxes and other benefits. In the US, employers are expected to provide and assist with health insurance and company benefits. 

On balance, when you consider health insurance and taxes, the cost to employ a US worker is on par with the UK and Europe. For a monthly fee, through our Employer of Record Service,  Foothold America can provide and manage all payroll, HR and other services, including benefits administration. 

Explore our library of on-demand webinars

Do you prefer video content? No problem! Explore our library of webinar recordings or sign up for the next live webinar event and explore different areas of US business expansion.

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Let’s talk! Please schedule a discovery call with our US Expansion Advisor.

We’d love to know more about you! Help us build your customised quote.

Let’s talk! Please schedule a discovery call with our US Expansion Advisor.

WAIT! Download the Expanding your business into America guide

Your one-stop-shop of frequently asked questions, ballpark figures for the costs involved, comments from others who have been through the process and insight from experts in areas such as tax, visas and HR.

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