How many days of paid holiday is my US worker entitled to?

US workers are not legally entitled to any paid holiday at all. However, in reality, most US employers will offer their workers paid holiday time. On average, most US workers receive at least 10 days holiday a year.

If you hire US staff to work for your UK-based company while you’re expanding into the American market, you’ll need to understand the differences in paid holiday leave between the USA and the UK.

Most UK employees are entitled to at least 20 days of paid holiday a year. US workers, however, are not entitled to a single day. There is no law that requires US employers to offer paid holiday time to their staff.

However, in reality, most US employers offer paid holiday to their workers. The number of days varies from employer to employer, but on average, US workers receive around 10 days of paid holiday each year. In addition, this holiday time is often accrued, which means that US staff will need to be working in their job for 12 months before they’re entitled to 10 days of holiday. Foothold America will handle the HR logistics if you’d like to hire a US employee on behalf of your UK business.

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