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Will Foothold America assist me in recruiting, hiring and firing my US employees?

If you have decided to expand your business to the US via our Employee Management Service, Foothold America will work with you, your recruiter or our network of recruiters to identify the best candidate for the position. If you already have a candidate in mind this is great as well. Once the candidate is selected,  we offer a comprehensive benefits package and extend the hiring offer to your US assigned personnel. Once the offer is signed, the employee can begin in as little as one week. Our onboarding team ensure the employee’s right to work in the US, conducts background checks, registers employee and employer tax deductions and guides your employee through the online employee portal to enroll in benefits. If things are not working out well with your US assigned personnel, and you would like to terminate your employment relationship with the US worker or implement a Performance Improvement Plan, when recommended, for your US employee, Foothold America provides support and assistance to do so compliantly.


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