We talk to Danny Lopez - British Consul General in New York and Director General for UK Trade & Investment USA

The USA is the world’s largest economy and a major market opportunity for companies around the world.

But non-US companies are missing out because it looks so hard to get in.

Having an effective US presence means hiring US employees. That normally means creating a US subsidiary, presenting a wall of complexity, risk and cost.

Average cost of setting up a business in the USA:
Source: Babson College study, quoted in Wall Street Journal
Potential legal costs just to set up as a US subsidiary:
Based on the experience of two European companies
Likely state and federal filing costs:
*per year for a mid-sized US accountancy
Based on quoted fees for Massachusetts and other states

We make it easy, safe and affordable by employing a worker in the USA on your behalf.

We’ll hire and look after them for you with attractive employee benefits and HR support, all wrapped up in a clear and simple consultancy package that won’t tie you in.

We can help you create the role and find the best person in the USA. And you’ll have the backing of Alacrita’s formidable network of US-based contacts and expertise.

Foothold America is the easy way to have dedicated, focused employees on the ground, with clear benefits:

Reduce US tax complications.
Find and keep US talent with an array of incentives that include a choice of 14 medical and dental insurance plans, vision insurance, short and long-term disability, life assurance and an attractive pension plan.

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